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I was in the middle of renovating my dream home in July 2022. I started with just a simple kitchen remodel, but it turned into a full house renovation. During the process, I had to rent dumpsters and trailers to haul off floor tile, cabinets, and other home debris and I was shocked by how expensive it was. I knew that other families and small businesses couldn’t afford to spend upwards of $1000 per week for a dumpster trailer. 

That’s when I had an idea – I traded in my enclosed trailer for a dump trailer to use for my own haul offs and offer it to local businesses working on our home. It was a simple way to earn extra income for my family. 

To my surprise, what started as a one-dumpster venture turned into a multiple dumpster business. 

I’m grateful for the support of my local community and for the opportunity to run a successful family-owned business.

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